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We help you structure your business so it gives you the life style you’ve always wanted. We implement simple concepts and practical tools that have helped thousands of business owners get what they want from their businesses. 

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Business Owners

Vision | Obstacles | Action Plan


Clarify your vision for what your ideal business would look like. Get everyone in your organization 100% on the same page with where you’re going and how you plan to get there.

We'll work on realizing your company’s full potential and choose how much time you spend in the company. We do that by creating strong, independent, capable teams that build great companies, helping you get everything you want from your business.


We will discover the hidden challenges and obstacles that are hindering the growth of the business.  It is normal for companies to hit a ceiling, we will unravel the "WHY" so that we can course correct and get the business growing again at the pace you know it's capable of. 

Action Plan

A vision without execution is useless.  Together we'll create a plan of action that will take your business from being in a plateau to exponential growth.   


Alignment | Accountability | Results


An aligned team is a team who aspires to achieve the same vision, understands the goals, and is made up of individuals who understand how to contribute their strengths to them.

We help align your team to do what needs to get done, and get them done a whole lot faster and a whole lot easier. In other words, we help improve productivity, performance and communication, and increase efficiency to achieve goals, and the ability to make key decisions faster.


Clarifying accountability improves efficiency. We help provide clarity about who in the team owns the major functions of an organization and identify the primary roles and responsibilities for which they are accountable.

We work with your team to remove confusions about who is responsible for what to eliminate wasted time due to accountability knowledge gaps so they can reach quarterly and yearly goals.


We help your team get really focused on results, using a handful of measurables that gives them absolute clarity of the health and pulse of your business so they can make decisions that produce the desire results. We follow-up with weekly meetings that keep your business focused on quarterly and yearly goals.

Group Coaching / Mastermind

Likeminded | Think Bigger | Accountability


A community of likeminded individuals that are looking to grow their company and get them out of the plateau they are in. Individuals open to receiving and giving feedback. Open to new ideas and insights to help them make timely decisions.

Think Bigger

For many business owners, a mastermind group doesn’t just help them achieve their current business goals. It leads them to expand their vision for the future!

Our mastermind group helps you focus on the “big picture” of your business. As you collaborate and synergize, the group can help you design a more efficient, profitable, and valuable business that you could ultimately sell if you choose.


People who join our mastermind groups care deeply about helping other motivated people to succeed at their goals. This results in a high level of support and accountability.

Accountability helps you to strategize your business, accomplish your daily tasks, and continue learning to further your growth. When you commit to our group you’re far more likely to meet your milestones and goals.

Meet Armando Cruz III

Cruz Country Fitness & Physical Therapy

“Since working with Juan Carlos my business has doubled! I am very happy with the service he provides. As a business owner there are very few people I can really talk to help sort out all my many ideas. Since working with Juan I have not only been able to bounce ideas off him but more importantly he has helped me prioritize, realize, and finally monetize my business ideas. If you are looking to grow your business and be successful in both your personal and professional life hire Juan today.”

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